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1 Scope

LAM USSD est une solution pour intégrer son système d’information au numéro court #2121# of LAfricaMobile.
This document describes and explains how to use this API.

2 Account settings
2.1 Prerequisites

To use this API, you need a valid account.
When creating you account Lafricamobile will give you :
- A login ( also named accountid)
- A password
This identifier / password pair is used as a parameter in the API.
The customer will have to provide an url which will allow LAfricaMobile to integrate the menu of these different operations

2.2 Variables used in the documentation

In this document, we use values below. The true values will be given by our technical team or by your own configuration.
Some of them may not be used according to your needs.
Document test values :
- login=fred
- password=xpasswordx
- URL LAFRICAMOBILE = https://ussd.lafricamobile.com:3443/session
- URLPARTENAIRE = https://votre-entreprise.com/index.php
You have to replace these values by your own means during your tests.

3 Menu
3.1 Example

4 Use XML to display the menu

To display the menu you will need the file:
index.php which contains the php code that will generate the XML for the menu display

4.1 The index.php file

This file contains the php code that will generate the xml file.
Each tag <a> va être interprétée comme une option du menu et chaque balise va s’accompagner un fichier php exemple (Consultation solde -> solde.php).
The parameter $msisdn contains the user's phone number:

4.2 The XML generated by index.php file

4.3 Example: balance consultation
4.3.1 Balance consultation menu

4.3.2 Solde.php file

4.3.3 The XML generated by solde.php

4.3.4 updatesolde.php file

4.3.5 The XML generated by updatesolde.php

5 Sécurity : the 5 basic pillars

=> Data integrity

--Restriction of the number of identification tests to avoid brute force attacks

=> Responsibility of people

--Traceability of connections with archived logs

--Centralized and secure authentication

=> Privacy

--Authentication interface to access the platform with an ultra-secure password

=> Availability

Real-time and permanent monitoring of portal availability
with proven tools like NAGIOS


--Protection of data confidentiality

--Encryption of transactions on the platform