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Manage your actions at any stage of your customers' lives: generate interest, encourage conversion and build customer loyalty in an efficient way.

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With the importance that mobile has taken on in uses (applications, emails, purchases, etc.), mobile has become an essential marketing and communication channel.

Integrating mobile marketing into your strategy is significant. In terms of marketing campaigns, SMS can prove to be an advantage for your customer relationship. Different types of SMS can help you enrich your marketing strategy:

  • Transactional SMS or voice push: to be sent during a transaction, payment or confirmation;
  • Promotional SMS or voice push: to send to your customers to share exceptional information;
  • SMS or voice prospecting push: send to generate sales or traffic on your platforms.
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  • Appeal to new leads with impactful marketing communications
  • Increase the conversion rate of your potential customers by making your acquisition campaigns more effective
  • Build customer loyalty by communicating with them often and collecting their feedback at the right time with our solutions.
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An optimized solution, for you:

Integrate your contact lists very quickly, easily manage your blacklists, your mailing fields and your segmentation filters.


Compose your SMS or load your voice messages on a simple and intuitive interface with customizable fields.


Choose an immediate mailing or schedule your campaign for a later mailing With no time limit, you can anticipate with complete confidence.


Get accurate statistical reports on your campaigns and volumes of SMS sent or live calls answered.


LAfricaMobile protects your data as your customers' data from unwanted unauthorized access.


Our solutions are non-binding, and you can pay as you use them, at very attractive rates.

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