Send messages or collect information with ease thanks to our platform connected to more than 30 operators.

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Make your mass communication operations easier with the SMS LAM platform.

In a very simple way, connect in real time with your customers or users, wherever they are, and whatever their mobile device.

Whether it is for sending mass professional SMS, to manage your alert or SMS notification systems or to stay in contact with your employees and partners, communicate without major investment!

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How does it work?
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Advantages of the SMS platform
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  • Easy to use
  • Mass mailing
  • Platform available 24h/7
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  • High capacity of sending in just a few clicks
  • Optimal deliverability rate
  • Time and efficiency savings
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  • Secure customer data
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Technical support, available 24h/7

A communication channel that has proven its effectiveness!

Whether you need to communicate with your customers on a regular basis for invoice payment reminders, follow-up or even if you want to send mass product offers, our platform provides you with all the necessary tools:

  • SMS STOP management,
  • Possibility to program your sms in advance,
  • Customization of sender and recipient information.

You will have everything at your fingertips to send SMS with a high success rate.

LAfricaMobile accompanies you by offering products adapted to the habits and expectations of local companies and populations

Don't wait any longer and join hundreds of African companies that have chosen LAfricaMobile for all their messaging needs.

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solution adapted to your business.