Customize and add originality to your voice messages sent in the language of your choice!

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Make your mass communication operations easier with the VOCALE LAM platform.

In a very simple way, speed and above all at the best value for money you can record and schedule the sending of your voice messages: Import your contacts directly on our platform and let us guide you!

Use Vocal to bring your messages to life! This service which allows you to record and / or broadcast a voice message to a group of people, either on their answering machine or by ringing their telephone

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How does it work?
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Advantages of the VOCALE platform


  • Easy to use
  • Mass mailing
  • Platform available 7/7 and 24/24


  • Grande capacité d’envoi de messages
  • Optimal deliverability rate
  • Personnalisation du message


  • Secure customer data
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Technical support, available 7/7 and 24/24
In which case to use Push Vocal?
You want to innovate with a dynamic and customized communication?
The Push Vocal allows you to inform, alert or even question your audience using the language of your choice.
LAM also offers a tool for managing your telephone calls: The IVS (Interactive Voice Server)
The system is programmed to respond automatically to the actions of the caller (voice or pressing a key)

LAfricaMobile accompanies you by offering products adapted to the habits and expectations of local companies and populations.

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Our experts help you create a solution adapted
solution adapted to your business.