LAfricaMobile raises €4.3m ($4.6m) to become the leader in Cloud Communication in French-speaking Africa


Financial services

Attract and keep your customers by building trust-based relationships.

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Communicate with your customers and prospects,

Whether SMS or Whatsapp business, LAfricaMobile provides its customers with all the tools and assistance necessary for the success of your projects. 

What is SMS notification for a bank or more commonly SMS Banking This allows the bank to share important information about banking transactions or operations  or the availability of a service.

Le Whatsapp Business meanwhile will allow you to be closer to your customers, but also to ensure your responsiveness and proximity to your customers. Send them notifications or alerts, but also take care of their problems in a shorter time.

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USSD mobile banking

Give your customers a unique experience

You have the option of usingUSSD to provide all your customers with the services of your Mobile Banking application. 

Make surveys and polls for your customers, use the USSD to share or collect information and customer opinions.

Get out of the game by facilitating communication with your customers, providing them with the right information on time, which is essential.

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Guide your customers along their journey

Optimize the management of your incoming calls thanks to LAfricaMobile's interactive voice server (IVR) solution. The interactive voice server is assistance and advice that the company can provide to people who buy or use its products. It is important because it distinguishes your company from your competitors. The IVR will allow you to follow up on your services with your customers, ask them questions of your choice and thus ensure their satisfaction in order to  guarantee them an optimal experience at all times.

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Why choose the LAfricaMobile platform?
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  • Easy to use
  • Bulk sending
  • Platform available 24h/7
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  • High capacity of sending in just a few clicks
  • Optimal deliverability rate
  • Time and efficiency savings
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  • Secure customer data
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Technical support, available 24h/7
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