LAfricaMobile raises €4.3m ($4.6m) to become the leader in Cloud Communication in French-speaking Africa


Transport & Logistics

Keep your customers informed and connected throughout the transport or delivery chain.

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Manage customer authentication as well as the confidentiality of your customers' data and activities with LAfricaMobile solutions. LAfricaMobile's OTP (one time password) is a process that allows the customer to securely access a server. Identification is done in two steps: first the code is sent and then the code is integrated into the platform by the user. For a company, it is very advantageous to be able to manage this authentication. Also guide your customers during their journey and optimize the management of your incoming calls thanks to LAfricamobile's interactive voice server (IVR).

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  • Send alerts and notifications to your customers on the status of their delivery using one of the most effective means of communication: SMS. Boost the image of your company thanks to the SMS notifications that you will send throughout the course of your customers, from the preparation to the sending of the parcels, but also the availability of the parcel, you can also program thank you messages to send at the end of this course.

Distribute your offers in a targeted manner, and build customer loyalty by informing them of essential points. In the event of the unexpected, allow your customers to be informed in good time.

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  • Customer service (chatbot option) With the whatsapp business API, answer questions, problems and/or information from your customers and delivery drivers. Reduce the costs associated with missed deliveries by giving the customer the ability to reschedule their deliveries. This application helps maintain two-way communication. Notify your customers about their delivery status on the world's most popular messaging app. Manage all your requests and all your communications via whatsapp business.

Advantages Section
Why choose the LAfricaMobile platform?
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  • Easy to use
  • Bulk sending
  • Platform available 24h/7
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  • High capacity of sending in just a few clicks
  • Optimal deliverability rate
  • Time and efficiency savings
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  • Secure customer data
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Technical support, available 24h/7
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