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Use simple and fast communication tools for better results

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  • LAM Assurance is a tailor-made platform for insurance to allow you to notify your customers by SMS (notification sms) of the expiry of their contracts or in the event of a claim, notify them of the availability of their checks.

Interested parties are therefore informed of the occurrence of events (renewals, premiums payable, claim declaration, claim settlement,

LAM Assurance
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  • Be closer to your customers thanks to whatsapp: whatsapp is a communication tool that is increasingly used by insurers, as it ensures a certain proximity with their customers.

There are many possible uses of Whatsapp Business, among others we have: renewal of the insurance policy, instant customer support in the event of a claim, management of the insurance policy process…

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  • Guide your customers during their journey and optimize the management of your incoming calls thanks to LAfricaMobile's Interactive Voice Server (IVR) solution. Thanks to him, you ensure your responsiveness and above all your availability to your customers.

Inform your prospects before the purchase, support your customers after the purchase and finally build customer loyalty with your company in order to make them your ambassadors.

solution Serveur Vocal Interactif de LAM
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  • Communicate with your customers and prospects: give your customers access to practical information about their insurance. A process that is simplified thanks to the USSD which was specifically developed for the insurance information system.

Thanks to a shared code or a dedicated code, you have the possibility of allowing your customers to know your services and to be informed. USSD has several advantages: simplicity, efficiency and also reliability. The USSD service allows your customers to consult your services without an internet connection, guaranteeing the availability of your information.

Advantages Section
Why choose the LAfricaMobile platform?
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  • Easy to use
  • Bulk sending
  • Platform available 24h/7
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  • High capacity of sending in just a few clicks
  • Optimal deliverability rate
  • Time and efficiency savings
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  • Secure customer data
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Technical support, available 24h/7
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